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Law Office of Sinclair Thomas Banks


208 Rock Street

Fall River, MA 02720


508 965 6666


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     I grew up in London, England, and have been a trial lawyer in New England since 1990.  I practice in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  I am a general practitioner, and have worked on a wide variety of legal matters: civil, criminal, commercial, non-commercial, in litigation, not in litigation, complex, and simple.  

      During my time as a trial lawyer I have scored over 90% "not guilty" verdicts in jury trials, counting by counts that reached a verdict.  But every case is unique, so one cannot reasonably infer an over 90% probability that I will win any given case.  


    I also draft contracts, help to negotiate contracts, and, review contracts, such as: commercial leases, employment agreements, insurance policies, construction contracts, and other kinds of business contracts.  Trying logically to predict risks is fascinating, and is a crucial part of making good contracts. 


      For a fuller description of my practice areas please click here.

     Marcus Cicero (106-43 B.C.), was a  statesman, lawyer, scholar, writer, the greatest Roman orator, and described a very high standard for oratory. “[I]n an orator we must demand the subtlety of the logician, the thoughts of the philosopher, a diction almost poetic, a lawyer's memory, a tragedian's voice, and the bearing almost of the consummate actor."  Cicero, De Oratore, Book I, XXVIII, 128.  I pursue this high standard as a trial lawyer.    

     Logic is vital for a trial lawyer, and for drafting contracts.  Logic is a topic within philosophy.  Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) was the world's first great logician.  In my philosophy B.A. I scored First Class Honours (full marks) on the exam on predicate logic (called the predicate calculus), which is "the heart of modern logic", Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy.  I wrote a book about some aspects of logic and trial law, The Solution to an Injustice in Trials.  For a fuller description of the book click here.  In my Blog I also discuss some aspects of logic.  To read the Blog click here

      In the U.S. there are over 1,300,000 lawyers, and over 93,000 rated chess players.  But only a handful of trial lawyers are also U.S. chess masters, i.e. in the top 1% of rated players in the U.S..  I am one of them. Master-level chess requires hard work, looking ahead, strategy, and tactics, and this mind-set is also vital for a trial lawyer, and for drafting contracts.  Chess, like other rigorous analytical exercises, helps to sharpen the mind.

      Proficiency in writing, and sophistication in interpreting meaning in the English language, are also vital for a trial lawyer, and for drafting contracts.  England's greatest modern judge wrote about drafting contracts:  "On the words you use, your client's future may depend."   Lord Denning (1899-1999), The Discipline of Law, at page 5, Butterworths (1979). 


      From the age of twelve I was required to: read the plays of William Shakespeare (1564-1616), memorize some of his great speeches and sonnets, and memorize other poetry.  Later at school I was also required to read a wide range of English literature and poetryOne third of my B.A. was in English, and the rest in philosophy, including the philosophy of language.  I still memorize poetry from time to time.  All of this education, in English and philosophy, and more than thirty years in law practice, has made me a proficient writer, and, sophisticated in interpreting meaning in the English language, including in contracts, statutes, and case law.  

     To discuss your legal matter please call 508 965 6666.  I do not charge for any discussion before forming a written contract with a client.  If you prefer, send an e-mail to and use "client" as the subject line, but e-mail no confidential data, to avoid any hacking risk. 


      If I can handle your legal matter I will say so.  And, if I cannot handle your legal matter, I can probably refer you to another lawyer, at no charge to you.  For information about referral please click here.


     Stay safe.


     Sinclair T. Banks


Legal disclosure, pursuant to Rule 7.2(d) of the Rhode Island Rules of Professional Conduct.  Sinclair Thomas Banks, Attorney-at-law, is responsible for the content of this web site, and his office address is 208 Rock Street Fall River, MA 02720, U.S.A..  The above video was made in 2020, and, as a result, the video now understates the number of years I have been a trial lawyer.  I have been a trial lawyer since 1990.


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