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      For legal matters outside my areas of practice, or if I am too busy to handle your matter, I can probably refer you to another lawyer, without my charging you.  For me to refer you to another lawyer, you will need to describe your legal matter to me, so please call me at 508 965 6666, and we can discuss it.  If you hire a lawyer I refer you to, I may receive a referral fee from that lawyer.  If I receive a referral fee, this fee would come out of the other lawyer's fee charged to you, that is, the referral fee would be payable to me only from that other lawyer's fee.   


      For instance, if I refer you to a medical malpractice lawyer or to a personal injury lawyer, any referral fee I receive would come out of the other lawyer's fee charged to you.  Typically, medical malpractice lawyers and personal injury lawyers only charge you a fee if they win damages at trial or achieve a settlement figure that you agree to.  This is called a "contingency" fee.  So if the contingency fee were one third, and my referral fee were one third of that contingency fee, and the other lawyer obtained $ 90,000 at trial or in settlement, the other lawyer's contingency fee would be $30,000 (1/3 of $90,000), my referral fee would be $10,000 (1/3 of $30,000), and that referral fee would come out of the other lawyer's $30,000 contingency fee. 


      I do not take contingency fee cases, but may be able to refer you to a contingency fee lawyer.  If you use an unethical contingency fee lawyer, he or she may be willing to settle your legal matter for less than it is worth, to make a quick buck with little work.  So, being careful when selecting a contingency fee lawyer is important, as with choosing any lawyer for any legal work.  



      Some people want the very best lawyer that money can buy, for their specific legal matter, and can pay both for this lawyer and for a search to find this lawyer.  But how to find that lawyer ?  For a given specific legal matter, there may not be a best lawyer, rather, there may be equally very fine lawyers.  For any given specific legal matter, I can, within the U.S.A., head-hunt for the very best lawyer or for equally very fine lawyers, whichever the case may be.  This head-hunting search is thorough, takes about a week's work, and so is expensive.  I do not disclose on this web site my selection method for legal head-hunting, but if you want to hire a legal head-hunter please call 508 965 6666 and we can, if you want, discuss this method.  I cannot absolutely guarantee to find the best lawyer or equally very fine lawyers, for your legal matter, because inevitably in human affairs there is some risk of an oversight, but I can guarantee to perform an intelligent and diligent search.  Ultimately which lawyer to pick will be your choice, though I will provide a recommendation, and, if you want, I will explain its basis.


      However, a head-hunting search may not be necessary.  For very many legal matters a person is adequately represented by many an experienced and ethical lawyer, not by the very best lawyer, like a person does not need a Rolls Royce to drive around the block.  For a referral, see the Referral heading, above. 

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