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      Sometimes a business or person is in danger of having their good reputation destroyed, through no fault of their own. In such circumstances a business or person may especially benefit from a persuasive public relations representative.   To build a good reputation may take many years, but a good reputation can be destroyed in days.  If you face such a crisis you need someone on your side, able to defend your reputation wherever it is threatened, be it in court, in the media, online, or elsewhere.  Having a lawyer as a public relations representative is helpful, for any relevant legal issues, and, because people are effectively on notice not to defame you, and to treat you fairly.


      Here is an example of my representing a business, a chess academy, that was threatened by an alleged child molestation scandal, as reported on 4/3/2014 and 4/4/2014 in The Providence Journal, a Rhode Island newspaper.

"PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- A former U.S. chess master resigned from his leadership of a local chess academy the same day he was arrested on charges of soliciting and engaging in sex with an underage girl.

Chess Master Connections LLC accepted David J. Harris’ sudden resignation on Tuesday -- and then learned on Wednesday about the criminal charges pending against him. The chess academy, at 201 Wayland Ave., Providence, has said Harris is no longer permitted on its premises.

Harris, 60, of 45 Taft Ave., in Providence’s East Side, is charged by state police with soliciting a 14-year-old girl whom he found in a teen chatroom last year. The girl, who is from Foster, said Harris befriended her and then eventually brought her to his apartment in Providence, where he performed a sex act on her, according to a state police affidavit.

Harris taught at Blackstone Chess, which merged with Chess Master. The academy holds tournaments and teaches chess in local schools.

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Providence chess master, 60, accused of sex with underage girl

April 4, 2014

Sinclair Banks Esq., who is speaking on behalf of Chess Master Connections, said the academy was cooperating with the police investigation.

“CMC is a leading chess academy in the United States, is directed by one of the highest officially rated players in the United States, and shares the concerns of law enforcement and parents in this painful matter,” the academy said in a statement released Thursday."

      Chess Master Connections consented to the above reporting being posted on this web site.

    In this alleged child molestation scandal, which did not involve Mr. Harris in his work at the chess academy, nor involve his interaction with anyone at the academy, the academy was completely innocent and blameless, acted promptly, and had no law suit or criminal case brought against it.  


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