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Civil law suits, e.g. business litigation, employment cases, landlord-tenant, family and divorce, consumer issues, and many others, but not contingency fee cases (e.g. personal injury and medical malpractice); for contingency fee cases click here, for a referral


Contract drafting, negotiation, and review, including: commercial and residential leases, employment agreements, insurance policies, construction contracts, other kinds of business contracts, and breach of contract cases

Criminal defense, e.g. drug charges, drunk driving, assault and battery, and many other sorts of criminal cases


Sex Offender Registry Board (SORB) classification cases

Covid-19 legal issues.  For an opinion about a legal question related to Covid-19, call me.  The area of Covid-19 legal issues is rapidly evolving, and requires legal research of federal and State law.  Depending on your Covid-19 legal question, the law may be unclear.  If I provide a legal opinion this will be in writing, with its basis explained. 

Miscellaneous other sorts of matters, such as antitrust and civil rights


If I can handle your legal matter I'll say so, and if I cannot, I can probably refer you to a lawyer who can handle it.  For referrals please click here.

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